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I have been awarded three patents for my creative work in user interface design and personal watercraft design. Brief information on those patents is presented here.

United States Patent 6,546,084
Filed February 2, 1999; Issued April 8, 2003

Title: Voice mail system and method with subscriber selection of agent personalities telephone user interface address book and time zone awareness

Inventors: Castagna; William D. (Ojai, CA)


The identification methods allow a subscriber to select an agent for anyone in their address book. This is of particular usefulness when the subscriber knows that a person in the database is more comfortable with a language different than the language used by the system's default agent. In an example of this situation where a particular caller prefers to speak French, the subscriber can have the voice mail system always use a French language agent once it has identified that caller.

The preferred embodiment allows the user to select one from various sets of pre-recorded messages stored in the application module. Once a set of pre-recorded messages is chosen, that set represents the subscriber's chosen "agent" for interacting with the voice mail system. The preferred embodiment employs a brief interview process to allow the user to select the agent with the personality preferred by the user.

A system for indicating to a subscriber when a message has been left for that subscriber , which accommodates multiple time zones by providing information to the subscriber related to the subscriber's time zone indicating the time of the call in the subscriber's local time zone.

United States Patent 6,442,245
Filed February 2, 1999; Issued August 27, 2002

Title: System and method for providing voice messaging services utilizing a network connection

Inventors: Castagna; William D. (Ojai, CA); Smith; Shawn W. (Ventura, CA); Vanderford; Jan (Santa Barbara, CA)


When an incoming call is received, a signal is sent to a computer that monitors the telephone line. If the telephone is not answered, the messaging system sends a signal and streaming audio signals to the computer. The signals are output over speakers connected to the computer. In this way, the system retains the advantages of a central messaging system, but adds the desirable call screening feature available from home answering machines.

United States Patent D309,596
Filed May 26, 1987; Granted July 31, 1990

Title: Watercraft (design patent)

Inventors: Castagna; William D. (Clearwater, FL)



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